Is your accountant working
for you? 

 Our goal is to create an environment where our clients enjoy coming to our office, have the ability to stop in without an appointment, as well as have confidence in our team and know us as people.  Our convenient west end location means you don’t have to struggle with traffic or pay for parking every time you are dropping something off.

We know that as an owner-manager you can be so caught up in the day to day operation of your business that important aspects such as share structure, owner remuneration alternatives, financing alternatives and tax planning can be sometimes overlooked.  We meet this need with innovative research and detailed review of your accounts.  Our recommendations are then presented to you in a way that makes sense so you can make the right choices for your business.

HGA is part of a growing network! Our office is a one-stop shop for your business with services that include: Accounting & Tax, Law, Wealth Planning, Insurance, Consulting, & Marketing!