Required Documents:
  • 2018 Personal Income Tax Checklist (Provided in a fillable PDF format) 
  • 2018 T1013 (To provide consent for HGA Skolney Chartered Professional Accountants to act as your representative with CRA and access necessary information to complete your return)
  • 2018 T183 (To allow us to electronically file your return. Please print, complete, and sign where indicated by red arrows)
  • 2018 Personal Tax Engagement Letter (This outlines the terms of our services. Please print and sign where indicated)
Please be advised that your return(s) cannot be filed prior to the receipt of these completed and signed documents per firm policy and in compliance with our Canada Revenue Agency filing license.


Additional Documents (to be completed only if applicable):
The forms can be filled out digitally using a PDF viewer and excel or they can be printed, filled out, and scanned back to us.
The above documents are all up to date for the 2018 tax year.
If you need help, feel free to reach out to us at