Ask yourself these questions...

Advice you can actually use.

Technology is constantly changing to make our lives easier and better, so why wouldn’t we put that into practice to work for you? Our team has incorporated programs like Quick Books Online and Audit Shield into our accounting practice to provide you with easier and less stressful ways to manage your accounting and bookkeeping. These technologies help us make your accounting seamless and allow us to give you the best picture of your business!

Balancing your life & business

Are you allergic to tax? Well, so are we. We’ve made it our mission to provide our clients with the highest value of accounting, tax and advisory services while keeping costs manageable. This allows them to focus on moving the business forward while continuing to achieve their life and business goals. Let’s call it the new-age work-life balance. 


Enter: our Professional Services Agreement. We have created a plan that allows you unlimited access to the people in your corner, more time for what matters most in YOUR life, and a 360 degree view of what will make your business successful. All of that for equal monthly payments that fit your budget. Why? Because we have seen the ways that accounting needs to change. We are just making it happen.


We’re incredibly lucky to be able to develop such influential & long-lasting relationships in this business. In a new HGA series, we are interviewing our clients to highlight where they came from, how they got here, and how we could be part of that journey.